Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZ)

The Keystone Opportunity Zone is a Pennsylvania state initiative designed to revive economically distressed communities using the market-based incentive of tax abatements. First established in 2000, the KOZ initiative fosters both private business and residential reinvestment in designated KOZ areas to restore the economic stability of those communities.

The KOZ program can significantly reduce the cost of doing business through exemptions, deductions, abatements, and credits of state and local taxes for a set duration of years.

KOZs reflect a true sense of partnership among state and local governments, school districts, economic development agencies, and community-based organizations. The KOZ Program in Pennsylvania provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop sites that have greatly reduced state and local taxes.

The following is a list of KOZ locations in Indiana County:

Please contact us for details about the KOZ benefits associated with these locations and to see if KOZ is the right choice for your organization.

KOZ Information

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